Performance Analysis of MWMCDS Algorithm in Ad-Hoc Networks using NS2
Abstract: Efficient routing among a set of mobile hosts (also called nodes) is one of the most important functions in ad-hoc wireless networks. Routing based on a connected dominating set is a frequently used approach, where the searching space for a route is reduced to nodes in the set. A set is dominating if all the nodes in the system are either in the set or neighbors of nodes in the set. We used existing heuristic MWMCDS Algorithm, which is also known as Maximal Weighted Connected Dominating Set. With help of AODV Routing protocol heuristic MWMCDS Algorithm is implemented in Ad-Hoc Networks and performance is analysed using NS2 Simulation. In existing, minimum connected dominating set with weight factor but here weight factor is depend on routing process. Existing system doesn't setup the effective routing. So we can choose the MWMCDS with support of AODV routing protocol. This MWMCDS algorithm with AODV routing protocols show better performance by considering the performance metrics such as packet delivery ratio, end-to-end delay, control overhead and energy consumption than existing approaches.
Paper: Performance Analysis of MWMCDS Algorithm in Ad-Hoc Networks using NS2.pdf
Author: Ira Nath
Approved on: 30 Sep 2020